Towing Malibu is the only tow truck service provider in the city of Malibu that you can trust! We operate 24 hours a day and we make sure that we’re there to assist you when you need us, day or night! We provide top quality towing technicians on our tow trucks so you’ll know you’re receiving a perfect towing experience, rectifying the problematic situation you found yourself in. When your car gives out, you can call Towing Malibu for all emergency tow service needs in and around the city of Malibu, as well as surrounding areas such as Culver City, Santa Monica, Palms and even Venice! Call (310) 494-5753 to speak with a prominent tow dispatcher today!

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24-Hour Tow Trucks of Malibu

We offer complete towing services in Malibu, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re also available to serve you during all holidays including Thanksgiving, New Years, and even Christmas. Our tow truck fleet includes: 6 flatbeds, 7 wheel-lift tow trucks, 4 boom trucks, 3 Heavy duty tow trucks, 5 Medium Duty tow trucks, and 2 Low boys. We believe that speed and accuracy helps build us the perfect clientèle, so we stock up on drivers and tow trucks to guarantee the fastest estimated time of arrivals, as well as the most experience veterans of the field of towing. Call Towing Malibu now at (310) 494-5753 to connect with a driver regarding your situation and have us diagnose your situation and prescribe a solution.

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Our tow trucks can perform well discovered roadside assistance services as well. We offer all roadside services with our tow trucks, just in case when they get there, they can save you some money by not towing you. Performing roadside assistance will get you back on the road faster and more convenient than being towed. However, if your vehicle is in need of a tow, and you can’t get it started by any other means, a tow is what you’ll need.

Roadside assistance technicians in Malibu Towing work the same hours as our tow truck technicians as well. Our Road Service technicians have their own trucks dedicated to performing roadside services such as lock outs, jump starts, tire changes and even gasoline delivery. Towing Malibu offers all these services in a separate sector of our technicians because roadside vehicles are easier to maneuver than that of a tow truck. We care about you and getting to you as fast as possible so that you’ll be able to get back to your life as soon as possible. We work hard to get your vehicle back on the road, so that you can do so too.

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Give us a call today for more information regarding the above mentioned services, as well as a pleasant conversation with our towing dispatchers who are trained to understand and comprehend your situation and assign the best technician for the job. With Towing Malibu, you won’t have to worry long about your situation, as we’ll be able to assist you within minutes! Call (310) 494-5753 now for towing and roadside assistance services by Towing Malibu!